Our Story and the Birth of Sprigs

Sprigs (formerly Banyan) has been my passion for the last 10 years. I was really disturbed by so many of my female friends being diagnosed with cancer, mainly breast, and I felt in my gut that this wasn't a naturally occurring thing. I came to a personal conclusion that commercial chemical deodorants being sprayed directly onto the area where lymph nodes live didn't seem like such a great idea.
I decided to try to create my own deodorant, and after a bit of experimenting and very stinky armpits I decided to leave it to the professionals and buy a paraben free chemical free all natural deodorant which works very nicely thank you very much. But this was the start of a new passion for me. Whilst I didn't hit on a recipe for deodorant, I did start experimenting with creating products for my own skin that were natural and healing.

After years of "cooking" and many recipes later, I finally saved my money and bottled up my courage for the long process of applying to the Cosmetics Safety Council. Many moons later I got it! Beautiful documentation that said that I could spread the love and create my products for others with the government’s seal of approval.

This is where it stayed for many years. Everyone who used my products came back for more. Fantastic results were had by all. I used my own products in my Spa when I did facials and the product took years off every client. But this is where my expertise stops and I probably would have been giving it away to friends and neighbors forever had my oldest daughter not stepped in as Co-Director.

Meggie is everything I want to be when I grow up (I say that to myself giggling usually) mostly because I never really grew up. I'm a bit of a female Peter Pan. Nearly 60 going on 17. Meg is an amazing woman just as is my youngest daughter Lauren. But Meg has always been one of the biggest supporters and users of the Banyan product and believed in it heart and soul. She is brutally honest, and as hard as it is sometimes, we keep our relationship based on that honesty and love of course.

So together we have formed Banyan Skincare. A company dedicated to giving women a healthy, vegan, cruelty free, chemical free plant based beauty product that actually works through the power of essential oils (mother nature's medicine). And boy does it work! So well it has actually even blown us away. So Mom (me) is in charge of production, product development, while Meg is marketing, advertising, and all the technical gobbledygook that makes me want to hide under the table. We are very slowly trying to morph and learn about the other’s expertise. It isn't always easy. I hate the business side as I always felt I wasn't good enough to understand it, and I am slowly teaching Meggie the ins and outs of "Cooking" the product. But as it's not fair of me to always do the fun things I am allowing myself to slowly be dragged into the business of Facebook, Instagram and advertising. We both have a long way to go. But we are fast learners. And along with that have lan unequaled respect and love for each other. And when you do things with love they can never fail, eh? ❤️❤️

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