Book your space! Join us virtually to relax, unwind and listen to Judy Sturgis (creator of Sprigs) chat about the healing powers of essential oils and how to look after your skin using plant based products. A 'Sprigs Facial Kit' will be sent out included in the price of the evening. 
Time: 8:00PM
Price: £7 (this includes p&p)
Dates available: December 10th 

What the evening includes:
First part of the evening - Essential Oils 101
The afternoon/evening starts with a tutorial about essential oils and their benefits. A journey through how essential oils are created, how their medicinal benefits are harnessed, and how Sprigs uses them to promote optimal skin health.  
Second part of the evening - Facial Tutorial
Once you've learnt about the benefits of essential oils we'll teach you how to use these in your own skincare regime. We will teach you how to do your own bespoke facial at home with Sprigs products, and create a skincare regime to suits your skin. This will be done in 5 stages: Cleanse, Exfoliation, Toning and Balancing, Deep Nourishing Mask, Moisturising and Hydrating.