Our Story

My passion for all things natural and organic started when I was just a child. My fondest memories are of my Great Grandmother Magdalena bent over in her garden, hoeing, weeding, picking fruit or vegetables. I remember the sweet smell of her own grapes being turned into wine in her still in the back garden, bees buzzing hungrily over the sugary residue spilling over the tops of the bottles. Her garden, so much bigger than the small trailer she lived in was magic to me. The smells, the rainbows of colours of the thousands of varieties of flowers all of which she knew the names, even in Latin. These memories instilled in me a great love of being in the outdoors, surrounded by nature. Trees, flowers, herbs, vegetables, and I loved learning about their uses both for food and medicinal uses as well as creating natural skin products.  
I'm a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, a friend, I am a woman. And it became apparent to me many years ago that so many other women were becoming ill for apparently no reason. I started reading, listening, researching and formed my own opinions as to the causes or at least contributors to these diseases and illnesses and came to the conclusion that we are indeed a product of what we put on and in our bodies. The thought of any of my loved ones being one of these statistics led me to start to experiment and ultimately create a line of products, (first for myself, then for others) that were free of the toxins that are used in many skin and beauty products today, based on pure base oils, butters and essential oils, but at the same time effective in hydrating, protecting and healing our skin. 
I found the answer in essential oils, nature's original medicine. These oils derived from plants, trees, flowers, fruits, and other "growing things" have the most healing and restorative powers. Much more than the alternative products synthesised in laboratories. I hope you love my products. I also hope you feel the love I have put into each and every bottle.